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Digital Technology Conference for Primary Jewish Teachers

Posted by Chana Kanzen - 13 May 2013

On Wednesday 1st May 2013 Jewish Interactive presented at the Naomi Prawer Kadar: Digital Technology Conference for Primary Jewish Studies Teachers.  Jewish Interactive UK co-organised the event with World ORT.

There were over 50 attendees from 24 schools and 7 organisations in the UK. There was a warm, positive atmosphere as teachers from a wide spectrum of schools networked and discussed use of technology in Jewish education.  Sessions covered topics relating to the use of ICT in the classroom, and were mainly presented by practicing teachers with expertise in their areas, including...

PaJeS to Launch Major Ivrit Programme

Posted by - 02 May 2013

At a recent meeting of a group of school Governors, the Chief Rabbi was asked about what he saw as the essentials of a good Jewish education. He listed three areas which he saw as the bases for Jewish literacy and therefore the roles of Jewish schools. Not surprisingly, he identified textual knowledge and menschlikeit as two essential outcomes for Jewish schooling. Our schools currently score very high on values and menschlikeit, although they may vary in textual knowledge. At their best, they provide a strong depth of textual skills which is increasingly the case across the system. His first ‘essential’ however, touched on an area where we currently would score poorly. Without a fluency in Ivrit, he argued, we fail to build the common language that unites Jews across the world and we fail to stress the aspect of Jewish nationality and centrality of Israel. PaJeS has been working hard to address this issue.




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