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PaJeS First Governors Evening

Posted by - 28 May 2014

Wherever you turn, Governors are in the spotlight. Held to account for everything they should know about ‘their’ schools and expected to have a vast array of expertise and an almost limitless amount of time, Governors are now under increased scrutiny from Ofsted. It might seem surprising therefore that so many still want to become involved, but the national crisis over Governor recruitment is happily not echoed in the Jewish community.

On the contrary, our Governing bodies are flourishing as the recent PaJeS seminar demonstrated when 60 Governors from 25 different schools gathered to hear a range of talks and exchange their own range of experiences. One of the most popular sessions, led by a representative from the National Governors Association was about questioning and boundaries. With Governors expected to know so much about their school, how could finding out information be done without Headteachers feeling battered and bruised by ‘overly intrusive’ Governing bodies? 



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