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Listening, U-turning and burying bad news

Posted by Simon Goulden - 10 May 2016

It used to be said that the best way for a government to ‘bury bad news’ was to announce it when the electorate was distracted by other events. So perhaps it was just coincidence that Nicky Morgan announced on the day of the London mayoral and local government elections that HMG was ditching its controversial plans to require all schools, good or bad, to become academies by 2022. Indeed, we have all read and heard the chorus of disquiet and derision since they were somewhat strangely announced in the recent Budget by George Osborne, a man not previously known for his educational expertise. We were all made aware by teachers and heads that they were ‘bemused’ by the idea of forcing change on high-performing schools. "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" they seemed to be saying. But it was when fury exploded from the usually loyal Conservative MPs and councillors, that the education secretary began to look very uncomfortable. With the EU referendum on the horizon, perhaps the Prime Minister felt that he had enough to deal with.



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