Governors' Workshops Evening, 21 October 2015


Workshop 1:

Effective Governing Board Meetings
Richard Tyndall, National Governors Association

The purpose of the session will be to look at the key components of an effective meeting:

  • Principles and starting points
  • Understanding your role
  • The papers and the head’s report
  • Ensuring positive outcomes for children
  • When’s the dress rehearsal? Role play through a meeting

Workshop 2:

Performance Management in Schools
Clare Collins, National Governors Association

The purpose of the session will be to build an understanding of how performance is managed in schools. It will cover:

  • Why performance should be managed
  • The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document
  • Staff appraisal and pay policies
  • Monitoring objectives and appraisal outcomes
  • What does success look like?
  • Appeals procedures

Workshop 3:

Using DfE data to understand a school’s comparative performance
Michael Glass

This session, specifically for the primary sector, shows how to use the DfE’s publically available data to develop an insight into a school’s performance. It will look at real examples which raise a number of interesting questions and comparisons. In doing so, it aims to provide an approach to operate strategically and develop a vision that can be adopted by both a school and governing body.

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