Primary Chumash


The JCP Chumash curriculum is currently used in 19 Jewish primary schools, with over 3,000 children following it each week. It is also taught in several schools in Australia. It is designed for pupils in Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11).
The curriculum provides teachers with a structured programme and a wide range of engaging resources of the same quality as those used in secular subjects.

The aims of the JCP Chumash Curriculum are:

  • To motivate and inspire pupils to become independent Chumash learners
  • To enable pupils to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Torah through the use of critical and analytical thinking skills
  • To support teachers in planning and delivering effective and interesting lessons
  • To give teachers the tools to measure and track the progress that pupils make in their learning


Chumash Curriculum Framework

The curriculum is built around the Chumash Curriculum Framework (CCF). The CCF identifies the broad aspects and areas of knowledge, skills and understanding that students of Chumash need to acquire and its detailed level descriptors allow teachers to chart the progress of each pupil.  


Chumash Units of Study

The Chumash Units focus on selected topics from Chumash that offer progressive opportunities for developing the knowledge, skills and understanding outcomes.  They build on the knowledge, skills and understanding gained in previous units and includes detailed lesson plans as well as range of differentiated resources that can be adapted to suit the needs of each school.  The units combine a careful examination of the key words, phrases and verses intrinsic to the study of the text together with an in-depth analysis of their meaning.

 Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3




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