Secondary Ivrit

The Wohl Ivrit Programme for Secondary Schools

With the support of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation and other funders, JCP has embarked on an ambitious four-year Ivrit programme for secondary schools. The programme is made up of a comprehensive multimedia course, an intensive training programme and ongoing one-to-one support for teachers in school.

The Secondary Ivrit course

The course is being developed in partnership with the Center for Educational Technology (CET/Matach) and is aimed at 11-14 year olds.  It will be delivered through textbooks, digital textbooks, teachers’ books and a multimedia files including audio files, videos and interactive activities and assessments.  The entire course will be available online within a Managed Learning Environment allowing teachers to chart each student’s progress.  

At the heart of the course will be a comprehensive progression chart ensuring that progress is made in grammar and language structures from unit to unit and Year to Year and that new vocabulary is in introduced appropriately.  Learning will be reinforced through differentiated texts, audio clips, videos and activities and key grammar and skills will be revisited at the end of every unit. The course will focus on contexts and themes that motivate teenagers and aspects of Israeli life and culture will be integrated into the content. 

For information on the University of East London's PGCE course for Secondary teachers of community languages click here. For more information about entry requirements contact Samantha Benson.



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