Secondary Jewish Studies

Jewish secondary schools differ in their approaches to Jewish Studies, each offering their own unique take on curriculum. Some experiences and areas are, however, common to most Jewish secondary schools and PaJeS therefore is working with schools to help them share good practice and develop their ideas further. In particular, we are working on three key areas, Israel education, holocaust education and teaching and learning texts.

We have set up a working group for each area, comprised and led by practicing teachers and feeding into our curriculum conference in June 2014. On these pages you will find articles of interest and relevant links for each of these groups. 

Israel education 

This group is focusing initially on building on the school Israel trip experience. It is led by Rabbi Howard Cohen from the Hasmonean High School.

Holocaust education

This group is focusing initially on the impact of Year 12 Poland trips. It is led by Rabbi Andrew Davis of Yavneh College.

Teaching text

This group is led by Mr Glenn Bezalel of Yavneh College. 



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