Mesilot Hashem (Pathways to Hashem) is a bold and creative set of online resources for teaching Tefillah. It has been designed for children aged 7-11 but elements of the resource are suitable for younger and older children.

Its aim is to ensure that pupils leave school with a positive experience of and attitude towards Tefillah as well as good levels of competence, confidence and spiritual uplift in their prayers. In particular it strives to make daily Tefillah a meaningful moment for each child.

Developed in consultation with teachers and pupils, Mesillot Lashem looks at 12 sets of tefillot in detail.  It also includes resources designed to address some of the fundamental questions that arise from Tefillah.

Resources include:

The materials are designed to be used during daily Tefillah, in dedicated Tefillah lessons or as part of the Jewish Studies curriculum.

Click here to see the outline of the Tefillah curriculum.




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