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BBC1 Sunday Morning Live

Rabbi David Meyer discussing the 50 per cent cap on faith schools 18/09/16

The Times

Letter to the Editor: The place of religion in British public life 8/12/15

The Jewish Views

Jessica Boxer talking about secondary school admissions from 13:08 to 22:57 04/03/16

Rabbi Meyer talking about Jewish Schools and the Jewish School Awards 2016 from 36:50 21/01/16 

The Jewish News

The Blogs: Rabbi David Meyer Reflecting on the prime minister's plan for education 14/09/16

Report finds 'acute shortage' of Jewish school places in north west London 07/07/16

Where will our children go? 26/05/16

School demand outstrips supply as parents face a waiting game 03/03/16

Chief Rabbi and Lord Winston address inaugural Teaching Judaism conference 24/02/16

Voice of the Jewish News: putting teachers on their pedestal 04/02/16

Opinion: A chance for our community to say 'thank you' to our real heroes 02/02/16

Video: The Jewish Schools Awards 2016 02/02/16

Video: Minister of State for schools address to the Jewish Schools Awards 29/01/16

In pictures: Jewish News' Jewish Schools Awards 28/01/16

Class of 2016 honoured at Jewish News' Jewish Schools Awards 28/01/16

Curb on "vexatious complaints" against Jewish schools' admissions welcomed 26/01/16

Jewish schools fear loss of 'tens of thousands' after Gift Aid clampdown 21/01/16

The Jewish School Awards 2016: the shortlisted candidates for secondary schools 21/01/16

The Jewish School Awards 2016: the shortlisted candidates for primary schools 18/01/16

New partnership formed to enhance efficiency in Jewish education 13/01/16


Opinion: It’s too convenient to blame Ofsted for the downgrading of our schools 09/04/15

New funds available for Jewish schools to address Ofsted concerns 08/04/15

SPECIAL REPORT PART 2: Parents and pupils are 'equally disadvantaged' 12/02/15

Keep calm and carry on, security chiefs tell concerned community 25/01/15

Ofsted denies ‘bullying and traumatising’ Jewish kids 14/10/14

Chief Rabbi leads opposition to GCSE faith plans 23/09/14

JLC appoints Hasmo head to lead education reform 14/08/14

Leader of Jewish schools group to step down 22/05/14

Our community is changing fast – and so must our schools 13/02/14

Top educators warn of ‘silent crisis’ facing Jewish primary schools 06/02/14

The Jewish Chronicle


A touch of class at UJIA teacher conference 28/05/15

Parents call for school admissions reform 21/05/15

Parents’ despair over shortage of school places 01/05/15

Are there enough places available for every Jewish child? 23/04/15

Exam boards threaten to drop Hebrew 02/04/15

Get paid to train, offers LSJS 26/03/15

'If you lead a school, you have an impact on every single pupil' 26/02/15

Worry for faith schools as Ofsted continues its no-notice inspections 23/09/14

The man leading from the front of the class 05/09/14

New educational role for Hasmonean Head 14/08/14

Aiming higher on teacher quality 13/02/14

Survey to show future demand for school places 24/01/13

Unanimous UK Jewish communal organisations support for Israel over Gaza fighting 16/11/12

Challenges of 'golden age' of education 02/08/12

JLC's new groups 16/02/12



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