A new year, a new beginning

September 2021

How can we already be in September?

As I sit back at my desk ready for another academic year, I look at my own children who are ready to move on to different stages, wondering how in a blink of an eye they all have grown up. I know I am not alone in my thoughts today, as many of our children return for another academic year, transitioning rapidly through the school system.

The High Holydays are fast approaching, a time for reflection, where we all look back at the year that has passed and prepare for new opportunities and beginnings brought by the year to come. The Jewish Calendar and way of life provides us with a gift of a multitude of messages and directives of wellbeing and mindfulness. The Chagim provide us with a nudge in the right direction, providing us with times for rest and time with family and friends. These are occasions to connect which culminate in taking us right back to basics with Yom Kippur.

Like the awakening blasts from the notes of the Shofar as the New Year is announced, we should ensure we don’t let these times pass us by, and in the words of Carl Bard “although no one can go back and the change the past, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.”

Wishing you all a year filled with health and happiness.

Shanah Tova

Sarah Jacobs
Wellbeing Practitioner JCAT & PaJeS