About PaJeS and Board

Partnerships for Jewish Schools

The growth of Jewish schools is the single largest change in the UK Jewish community over the last twenty years with over 35,000 children educated in 130 Jewish schools. This means that our schools play an essential part in influencing the next generation’s Jewish identity. PaJeS works with schools across the whole Jewish community ranging from very religious schools to the most secular ones and we cater for all different needs and requirements. Every Jewish school is different, with its own ethos, goals and values.

The importance of Jewish education is perhaps one of the greatest success stories in the Anglo-Jewish community.  The schools have not just grown in number, but have progressed significantly in the quality of provision and the outcomes in both Jewish and secular studies.  Indeed, at both primary and secondary level, the community’s schools are recognised as among the top performing schools in the country.

Schools are our partners.  Our services through PaJeS and the Jewish Schools Network are for governors, parents and support staff as well as for teachers and school leaders. With the running of heads conferences, governor training, curriculum development, teacher training workshops, clusters and forums, prcourement opportunities and our publications, we hope that all schools feel that they have the opportunity to work with each other, collaborate and form good relationships.

PaJeS works in four areas:

  • Supporting school Infrastructure
  • Training and recruiting the next generation of teachers
  • Creating curriculum and providing professional development
  • Developing school leaders

PaJeS Board

Chair: Sarah Anticoni
Board Members: Noeleen Cohen, Shimon Cohen, Naomi Greenwood, Irene Kay, Leo Noé, Richard Gold, Anthony Warrens, Andrew Wolfson, Leslie Woolfson