Actions at home

Who? Gift

What? Letters to medical volunteers in Israel

How? Include an opening such as 'Dear amazing medical volunteer”, followed by a message of thanks, support, encouragement and gratitude. Please sign off with the child’s first name, their age, and their city or school.

Please then drop these letters off to GIFT at Mountcliff House , 154 Brent Street, London NW4 2DR.


Who? The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency

What? Join the worldwide Shabbat reception project on 20th October 2023



Who? Jewish Leadership Council

What? The JLC has a dedicated community resource portal online with links to information, events, fundraising and important resources to support you during this difficult period.  The portal is updated daily and The JLC is working closely with their membership as well as other community organisations to ensure they can share information clearly and accurately.  



Who? Project Impact

What? Letters to Israel - Soldiers at the front line. Families evacuated by the war. Patients injured in hospitals. Medical emergency staff

How? Email to [email protected]


Who? “Letters for Israel” Mizrachi

What? Write letters to show support for the school children on the front lines

How? [email protected]


What? Letters to Israeli soldiers

How? Include - An opening such as 'Dear IDF soldiers”. A short message of support. First name of the child, their age, and location in the world.
Please prepare these on a computer or take a photograph of the letter and send it to [email protected]


What? Sign a petition “BBC must call Hamas terrorists by changing their internal policy.”



Who? Friends and family in Israel

What? Contact and connect with them so they know they are in your thoughts

How? Phone, message, send pictures etc


Who? Defend Israel Democracy

What? Host Israeli families



Who? We Believe in Israel

What? Politicians in the UK need to hear that their constituents are standing in solidarity with Israel and MPs must do the same.



Who? Emunah Trauma Appeal

Vital care for those grieving the loss of a loved ones or dealing with the pain of missing family members



Who? Stand With Israel

There are many families in need of a place to stay here in the UK and abroad. Some are here already and some are still in Israel with the hopes to leave. If you know of a family in need of help, pls send them this link. If you are able to host an Israeli family or an individual, please click on the same link below to fill out your contact info and preferences. There is a high demand for housing for larger families. If you can host larger families (i.e. 5+) , please note this in your response. Defend Israeli Democracy, are working on the placement and well-being of Israeli families abroad. 



Who? 1Bracelet

o support the victims’ families of the terror attack, rebuilding the Kibutzim and support our brave IDF wounded soldiers. By purchasing one bracelet, we show with pride our love to Israel, declaring that “our love will rebuild”.



Who?International Red Cross

Contact the International Red Cross and demand that they visit the Israeli hostages who include the elderly, women, children and infants. Reports of rape, torture, abuse and brutality are rampant. Demand that the IRC does its job.