Anti-Bullying week 16-20 November 2020


At PaJeS, we recognise the importance of educating children and staff on the impact of bullying and the importance of giving individuals the tools to recognise and deal with challenging issues they may be feeling.

All Wellbeing Leads in EYFS settings and Primary Schools will receive a Powerpoint presentation for form teachers to deliver to KS2 classes during the campaign week, and suggested online videos for EYFS and KS1 (see below).

We hope this campaign is well received and please let us know how you get on,

Sarah Jacobs
PaJeS Wellbeing Practitioner
[email protected]

Suggested online videos

EYFS – Year 1 story Topsy and Tim for class discussion 
Gentle way of discussing bullying, what it is and how it can be dealt with.

Sesame street Elmo 
Elmo discusses (briefly) being unkind to people

Anti-bullying song 
Suggested year 2

Inside out clip
Suggested year 2 – watch and discuss  sings “What I am ” song 
Suggested year 2