Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School

To Mrs Jaysan:

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher and making zooms so much fun. Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and support. I miss you and can’t wait to see you back in school very soon!!

Anonymous, Year 1

To Miss Rook, Miss Emmerson, Mrs Burton and Mrs Chocron:

Thank you for all your amazing support and help throughout these hard times. We really appreciate it! You really are the best.

Dalia Nemetsky, Reception 

To all the Kodesh Teachers:

You are all the most incredible people I know, you have gone above and beyond day after day to provide the BJPS children with Kodesh learning. You are role models for everyone how to keep going in the face of adversity. Keep shining your light and being the amazing people you are
With full respect
A big admirer of the BJPS Kodesh team

Anonymous, Year 6

To Mrs Rose:

Thank you for teaching me during this lockdown.

Moshe, Year 4

To all the Teachers:

Thank you so much to all the teachers at Broughton Jewish who have been there to keep the cogs turning and allow our children to be at school while we cannot be homeschooling them. You have keep them busy, taught them and given them a sense of stability (as much as possible!) during these turbulent and worrying times. Thank you!!!!

Azriella Roth, Year 2
Maytal Roth, Year 5

To Miss Halpern, Mrs Leitner, Mrs Grosskopf:

Thank you so much to all the year 1 Kodesh teachers, you are doing such an amazing job of providing resources and engaging zoom sessions to the children at home. Thank you for all your hard work, we know this is a difficult time and your ongoing efforts are very much appreciated! 

Coby Bacall, Year 1

To all the Teachers:

I am so grateful to the school and the teachers to be open for keyworkers! I can be at work relaxed knowing they are being looked after and at the same time are learning fave to face. The teachers really make it a pleasant atmosphere. Every day I hear funny stories. I see happy smiley faces everyday when they come home from school! 

Family Koval, Year 6

To Miss Ballin, Mrs Jayson and Miss Cussick:

We just want to say thank you to Miss Ballin and all the year 1 staff, for all the hard work they are doing to provide for the children both in school at home. We really appreciate the effort that goes into engaging the children during the zoom sessions and in addition to the zooms it has been so helpful that the teachers have been going above and beyond to put videos and activities on see saw so that we can catch up in our own time.

Miss Ballin always responds to the work we post on seesaw and Coby loves seeing her responses. He also really likes speaking to her once a week when she calls to do reading with him. Thank you so much, I know it is not an easy time for anyone, but the efforts being made are definitely appreciated by the kid’s and parents

Coby, Year 1

To all the Staff:

We can't thank you all enough for all the hard work and dedication you are all putting in! We appreciate everything being done from the preparing of the booklets, photocopying them and stuffing into envelopes, delivering the amazing zoom lessons, giving feedback on the work, phone calls home to do Hebrew and English reading as well as all the support from all the staff. We also really enjoy the assemblies and extra curricular activities.
Thank you all so much! We know it can't be easy working in such a difficult situation but we appreciate it all!!
With much appreciation, Abigail and Mordechai Tabor and boys 

Eli, Benjy and Sammy Tabor, Year 5

To Miss Kachani and Mr Cull:

I know how many hours of extra work you along with the other teachers are putting in. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, we thank you very much indeed.

Daniel, Year 2

To all the Teachers:

Thank you so much for all your hard work. At short notice you have pulled off a first-rate provision for our children; and whilst this isn't ideal for any of us, you have done so with posivitity and attention to detail.

Proud to be part of the BJPS family

Anonymous, Year 3

To Miss Emerson, Mrs Burton, Miss Rook, Mrs Chochron, Mrs Rose and Mrs Nemeti:

I love you so much. Thank you for helping me to learn and I miss you all lots. Bye bye. ♥️🌈

Rafi Danziger, Reception

To Mrs Brennan, Mrs Anderson, Miss Tepper and Miss Craimer:

Thank you for being amazing, super teachers during lockdown. I appreciate all the things you have done for me and the lessons have been very exciting. I love coming to school to see you all! 

Rina Danziger, Year 3

To Rebbe Gittleson, Miss Tepper and Mrs Marshall:

Thankyou for supporting our class during corona virus. We love our lessons and I'm always so excited to come to school! 

Meir Danziger, Year 3

To Mrs Rose, Mrs Grimstich, Rebbe Feldman, Mrs Saunders:

Thank you for always coming on zoom to learn with me.

Shloimy, Year 4

To Rebbe Coleman:

Thank you for making BJPS Got Talent. 

Shloimy, Year 4

To all the staff:

Thank you SO much for all your hard work and dedication!!! This isnt an easy time and you are all brilliant!!!
With love!
All the Duman Family!!

Tanya, Year 4

To all of Year 6:

Thank you so much for all you are doing!!
It’s not easy ... you are all rocking it!!
Keep going!!!
With much appreciation
All the Dumans!! 

Tanya, Year 6

To Rabbi Pearlman, Miss Taylor and Mrs Caplan:

We hope that we all, as your pupils, make you proud and feel that all the hard work/stress has paid off.
Wishing you continued strength, Family Goldmeier

Aliza, Tehilla and Zvi, Year 2

To all the Year 5 Teachers:

Thank you for all the effort and hard work you constantly put in to creating school/home work and the zooms. It is so admirable and we appreciate it all very much.
Best wishes, Simmy and Naomi Goldmeier 

Aliza G, Year 5

To Miss Harvey and all the nursery staff:

Thank you for helping Zvi grow and develop. He is learning so much in nursery and has the best time. He always come home with a big smile.
Thank you! Family Goldmeier

Zvi G, Nursery

To all the Teachers:

Thank you for every single thing you do for Tehilla. From the big things, down to the smallest detail. It never goes unnoticed and we appreciate it more than we can express.

Simmy and Naomi Goldmeier and especially Tehilla!

Tehilla Goldmeier, Year 2

To the Year 1 Teachers:

We are really grateful for the excellent job you are doing in providing teaching for the children inside and outside of school. I can only imagine how much your workloads must have increased all alongside the other pressures on you associated with the pandemic. It demonstrates so clearly how much you care about our children. Thank you. Marc and Elisheva Cohen.

Jakey Cohen, Year 1

To the Teaching Staff:

Thank you so much for continuing to provide nursery teaching in school with such care and love.
The selfless dedication that you show by attending school to teach in these trying times is so appreciated.
Wishing you all the very best.

Michael Rowe, Nursery

To Reception, Year 4 and Year 6 Teachers:

Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in and all the effort we know you are going to continue putting in to our education during this time. Our mummy and daddy appreciate it all loads. We are so thankful that we have amazing teachers who are always there for us. We love going to Bjps. Love the Roses 🌹 

Ariella, Gadi and Yoni Rose, Reception

To all my Year 6 Rebbes and Teachers:

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you are putting into our education whilst we are in 'lockdown'. I really appreciate all the time you spend on Zooms, Google Classroom etc, you are all amazing!

Tzvi F, Year 6

To Ms Grimsditch, Mr Hadfield and Ms Taylor:

You guys have been amazing and committed throughout. Your dedication is to be admired. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous, Year 4

To all the teachers:

I would like to thank my daughter's teachers for all their hard work and dedication. The efforts preparing the home packs, with all the work for the week, and putting such wonderful and interactive zoom lessons together are unbelievable . You motivate the children and engage with them in every lesson making them feel heard and connected. It is not easy as a working mother to have the kids at home and help them with their zooms, however your lessons are so well prepared and structured that require little mummy input. Thank you so much for keeping us learning and sane. Wishing you all the best. Keep well and safe.

Sandra, Year 1

To Miss Kachani and Mr Cull:

To her fabulous teachers thank you for all the effort and hard work you have done for Sophia!

Sophia Nemeti, Year 2

To all teachers:

No words will ever be enough to thank all the teachers at BJPS for the continuous hard work and input they are doing every single day, we will be forever grateful.
Love, Family Graff 

Nechama and Netanel Graff, Year 3

To all Year 5 teachers:

Thank you to all the fantastic teachers involved in preparing the vast amounts of work needed to give our kids a fun and interesting education even in these crazy times,works can't express the gratitude we have for all of you!! 

Yoel Sternlicht, Year 5

To Miss Emerson:

You are incredible! You have so much patience for the kids and there's always a smile on your face. Lali adores you and learns so much from you.
Thank you!! 

Lali Ouaknin, Reception

To all teachers in Year 2:

For going above and beyond of what is expected of teachers. For supporting the children as well as the parents whilst providing excellent zoom lessons that are fun and educational.
Thank you to everyone involved!

Rikki Sternlicht, Year 2

To Mrs Burton:

You are incredible!! You go the extra mile and your energy is infectious. Lali really likes you.
Thank you.

Lali Ouaknin, Reception

To everyone in the Broughton Jewish Nursery:

Thank you so so much for staying open and ensuring our children can continue going to school every day. It benefits Noa in so many different ways and we appreciate it enormously. Thank you as well for dropping off work and crafts while we were in isolation. You go above and beyond with your care and dedication. Thank you! 

Tamar and Peretz Tabor, Nursery

To: Ms Davies:

Thank you for teaching in such a fun way!

Michali, Year 5

To Rebbe Gittleson:

Thank you Rebbe Gittleson, your lessons continue to be loved by Joe and you have so much enthusiasm for whatever you teach and care for the children (and from experience always have) it is infectious. What a wonderful teacher!

Joe/Daniel Stern, Year 3

To all the Year 3 staff:

We just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and care throughout this year and especially during these last few weeks.

You have been amazing in the support you have given us, by phone and email.

Your Zoom sessions are amazing and Shmuli really enjoys them.

Many thanks.

Shmuli and Freyda, Year 3

To Mrs Loader and Mrs Deacon:

Thank you Mrs Loader & Mrs Deacon for brightening Dassi’s day and for the time and attention that you have given her! She really looks forward to your lessons. Thank you for this during these stressful times.

Dassi Fine, Year 5

To Mr Cull:

Many thanks to Mr Cull, who is putting so much effort into making sure Ari isn't falling behind whilst being at home. We really appreciate it!

Ari Haffner, Year 2