Blog: Ending the academic year

July 2020

This recent challenging time has certainly tested us all but I feel we are ending the year strong and proud of how we have managed the challenging past couple of months. I have been constantly impressed with student’s engagement, acts of kindness, sense of community, integrity and resilience.  Of course we have all been on our own “coronacoaster” and been sincerely challenged at times and struggled - that is to be expected! However the student engagement, support from parents and work, commitment and care from staff is beyond impressive.

I looked back at some words that I shared in assemblies and newsletters as we entered lockdown and we have certainly embraced the challenge.

“Life is different and unknown but it is still valuable and meaningful. We can’t press pause on life for the coming weeks / months. We need to live, albeit a different way that may take time to adapt to. Perhaps we can try and reframe the situation as well. It is important to encourage our eyes to see the opportunities we are faced with. Perhaps in some crazy way, we are being a given a gift to see the world in a different way than we could have ever imagined. It is opening doors and opportunities we would not have had otherwise. It is throwing us all out of our comfort zone but may well make us stronger individually and collectively. We need to adapt and keep living life.”

As we get to the end of the school year we can reflect on the last couple of months. We are running pastoral sessions for every student during the last week of term focusing on;

  • Reflecting on their struggles,
  • Noticing some of the positives and what we have learnt about ourselves
  • Thinking about what we want to hold onto and how we can do this.

As parents it is really important that we take time to appreciate ourselves, take time to notice what we have accomplished and then make it a practice. Most of us have had many different jobs added to our job description recently (teacher, counsellor, IT support). Let’s celebrate what we have achieved and turn down the inner critic and the inner perfectionist. If we can be kind and compassionate to ourselves we have great we reserves of kindness for our kids, and they learn kindness in return.

As we enter the summer holidays enjoy the time with your children and celebrate the end of term. As society is opening up we hope that students are able to enjoy seeing friends, being outdoors and having time for themselves and together as a family.