Blog: Oh the places you'll go

July 2021

It is coming to that time of year again. Teachers across the country begin the final countdown to the well-earned summer holidays, but we are not doing justice to our teachers or children if this time of year is just about the approach to the break. I often find this time of year provides a perfect opportunity for reflection, an opportunity for transition and moving ourselves and every child we teach or may teach in the future forward.

Every day in school is an opportunity for learning, and I am not just talking about the learning of core subjects. I am talking about opportunities for learning about ourselves and each other. Where we teachers nurture the children in our classes, helping them to develop new skills and resiliency. Turning attitudes around from “I can’t, to, I can’t do that yet…  to “Look what I can do now.”

That same pattern fits beautifully into the school year, that we are just about to complete. The Autumn term where many children arrive at our class, shy and unsure and ready to learn to the children who are just about to leave our care in a few days’ time, bold and brave. 

The end of the academic year brings with it many emotions, especially during a pandemic. But, if only we could pick up our memories and flick through achievements like pages in a book, see how far we have all come and know the places that we all still will and can go….

Sarah Jacobs
Wellbeing Practitioner JCAT & PaJeS