Blog: Prepare for Landing

December 2020

We are almost there! For many teachers, the final countdown has begun from a term full of more ups and downs than a plane journey through a spate of bad turbulence.

Many of our teachers and heads will be almost on their knees, from burst bubbles, to keeping up with ever changing Covid laws and staff shortages, we have managed to make it through a whole term.

Of course, not everything has been perfect, there have been issues with home learning, technical blips for those isolating and the transfer of parent teacher meetings to online. However, let us just take a breath and look at the things that have been achieved in the last term.

Our children are happy, safely secure back into their new Covid routines. Most of them have adapted well to new school routines, and words like social distancing and face masks have become part of their everyday language.

Whilst we can glow with pride about the resilience of our children, have we paused to think about the incredible resilience that our children’s teachers and Headteachers have shown in a period of such uncertainty?

Our school staff have continued to educate our children, putting themselves on the ‘front line’ and yet at the same time juggling their own families and fears of contracting the virus.

We may have once cheered for the pilot that has bought us safely through a storm whilst in flight, but have we ever shown the same appreciation for our school staff who may not have flown us to an exotic location, but have managed to deliver and continue our children’s journey on destination Education.

Sarah Jacobs
Wellbeing Practitioner PaJeS