Blog: The winds might just be changing

April 2021

Alarm clocks at the ready, freshly pressed uniforms laid out and polished shoes set neatly on the floor, school bags and snacks ready, a sense of normality is returning.

A bubbling feeling of excitement in many homes. After a practice run before Pesach, we are finally ready for a full half term of school. Of course, for some, there is a natural sense of unease, a little bit of unfamiliarity and a panic of how forgotten routines may be regained for both parents and children alike. Though, those fears soon washed away, by the familiar hum of engines in school run traffic and the walk through the school gates.

Both parents and children have come so far and achieved so much. We must not forget what has been overcome in the last few months, the new skills learnt and resilience that has been developed, and the ways we have been changed as individuals, even our children too. It is crucial we hang on to this as the world begins to return to some kind of normality. We must make a conscious decision to look back at the lessons from lockdown, making sure we take the positive learning with us on our new journey into an evolving world.

A year ago, no one could have or would have predicted the world we live in now. For some, this new world has sadly brought many challenges, including, financial difficulties due to the pandemic, and suffering with mental health issues, whilst not forgetting, the personal losses suffered too.

But let us also remember the many positive opportunities the pandemic has brought us. The haves rather than the have nots!  We have been able to create many more memories with our immediate family members, we have been able to take time to notice and connect with our surroundings with many walks, we have found other ways to communicate with family and friends and keep us all together. More importantly, we have got through it and adapted our lives in a way that no one would have ever dreamed possible.

After all, we are all ‘braver than we believe, and stronger than we think.’

Sarah Jacobs
Wellbeing practitioner JCAT and PaJeS