Can my children attend after school clubs or extra-curricular activities during the current national restrictions?


The government has advised that only education and childcare facilities can remain open. Education facilities include schools, early years settings, further education facilities, and higher education. This will not normally include extra-curricular activity providers who are not childcare providers; to be classified as a school a provider must be registered with the Department of Education as a school and have a Department of Education school number.

Out-of-school activities may continue to operate if their primary purpose is providing registered childcare, or where they are offering other childcare activities, where this is reasonably necessary to enable parents to work (or search for work) or undertake training / education. Out-of-school activities may continue to operate for the purposes of respite care, including for vulnerable children. Out-of-school activities that are primarily used by home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education may also continue to operate for the duration of the national restrictions. Youth support services, including 1-1 youth work and support groups, may also continue to operate. Other after school clubs and extra-curricular activity providers will not be able to operate.