Children's Mental Health Week 1-7 February 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week was 1st to 7th Feb 2021 and the theme this year was 'Express Yourself.’

The highlight of the week was our keynote speaker, Dr Abi Gewirtz. You can watch the recording of her talk here:

Below are some resources, activities and ideas we suggested to use in school.




1. Introduction to mental health week - pp1
2. Key stage 1 presentation pp2
3. Key stage 2 presentation pp3
4. Now and Beyond presentation pp4
5. Link 1 now and beyond festival
6. Link 2 inside out day
7. Link 3 time to talk day
8. Torah, Wellbeing&Me is a new initiative that links Wellbeing to the Parasha of the week. Children’s Mental Week falls on Parashat Yitro.
9. Keynote Speaker – Thursday Feb 4th 7pmDr Abigail Gewirtz  is a child psychologist, leading expert on families under stress, mother of four, and the author of When the World Feels Like a Scary Place, published by Workman in July, 2020.
10. Additional resources are on our Heads Up Kids page
11. Secondary school Powerpoint presentation