Clore Shalom

To Miss Baker and Mrs Jacobs:

Thank you for all that you are doing for Sophie during this time of turmoil, she loves her learning and loves seeing you in registration! The variation of lessons has been brilliant and she has really enjoyed the PSHE, topic (Henry 8th) and PE sessions as well as the other subjects that she has been completing. Thank you for your time and patience. We cannot thank you enough.

The Lichman family, Year 3

To Mrs Brahams and Mrs Spencer:

Thank you for all that you do. Izzy is engaging so well with online learning due to your enthusiasm. She struggles with confidence online and she is very comfortable with you both on the Google Meets. The work has been varied and there is always challenge. Thank you for adapting, despite having your own children at home, you are going above and beyond.

The Lichman Family, Year 1

To Mrs Cohen, Mrs Martin, Mrs Goldsmith and Mrs Lax:

Thank you for all that you and your whole staff are doing for the pupils at the school. Not only the lessons but the added extras. We are very lucky to have you steering the ship through these uncharted waters. 

Anonymous, Year 6

To Miss Winwood:

Miss Winwood, we are so grateful for what you are doing at this difficult time. You teaching videos are really clear and the variety of the live registration sessions is really great. Thank you for keeping my son engaged and focused.

Anonymous, Year 6

To all Staff:

Thank you so much for your endless patience, support and enthusiasm. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and helped make a horrible situation bearable and even enjoyable.

Claudine, Year 4 

To Reception Team:

You are the most enthusiastic, caring and inspirational teaching team. Indi enjoys your online lessons and dances around the room after she has been able to share her news with you. The happiness in her eyes is tangible. As a parent, I could not be happier with the quality of teaching and amazing progress Indi is making. Thank you for all you do for the whole Reception class.

Lisa Wolf, Reception