Community Wide Parents Awareness Evenings


PaJeS in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police are running a series of Parents Awareness Evenings over the next two months with the main focus being on Teen Safety. Our children can be vulnerable to exploitation and the presentations will include issues that are prominent due to the rising influence of social media platforms.

The first evening took place last night with three others arranged for the 7th, 13th and 21st November all at North West London Jewish secondary schools. We envisage this being one of the most far reaching parent education programmes in our community with over 1000 parents expected to attend the evenings. We plan to hold more in the coming months eventually reaching all of the Jewish secondary schools in the country including the Charedi schools.

Last night saw presentations from PaJeS, the police and the school itself. Rabbi David Meyer, Executive Director of PaJeS, commented that, “This is an important initiative and we are grateful to the Metropolitan Police for giving so freely of their time to the community. We would urge all parents to come to one of the evenings even if it is not through the school that their child is attending. We would remind everyone to ask their children the 4 key questions that will be highlighted at the presentations: Where is your child going? Who is your child with? When will your child be back? How will your child get home?”