Covid-19 Guidance for Governors

COVID-19 Guidance from NGA on the role of governors

These are the key points that can be found on the NGA website:

The guidance for governing bodies both from the DfE and the NGA is very clear that during this period of closure the GB should play a strategic role and avoid routine involvement in operational matters. 

Headteachers should be allowed to get on with operational matters but remain in touch with governors in a proportionate way. 

Governing bodies should take a pragmatic and considerate approach to reporting these matters and can rely on oral reporting and scaled down paperwork  from headteachers.

The NGA guidance indicated priorities for governing bodies which included the following:

  1. Business critical decisions (e.g. budget approval)
  2. Monitoring how the school continue to provide care for vulnerable and SEND students, key workers and the associate risks
  3. Issues arising from how the building is being used and remote working for staff
  4. Support being given to parents and carers to help them educate their children at home
  5. Monitoring the wellbeing and welfare of students, staff and stakeholders.