Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

To Miss Rich:

I think Miss Rich is the best teacher because she is very nice, helpful, kind and teaches me the best things. She deserves an award!

Anonymous, Year 1.

To all the Year 5 Teachers:

I'm so grateful for all the work you have put into for our jobs, and how much effort you have made to let us socialise with our class mates. 

Eliana, Year 5

To Mr Prince:

Thank you so much for wat you have dun with me this year! best teacher ever

Sim, Reception

To all the Staff:

Thank you for providing daily remote learning during this difficult time. It is lovely when the staff call to have a proper chat with a child, who is often feeling isolated at home. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We are so looking forward to being back together as a community soon. 

Anonymous, Year 6

To all my Reception Teachers:

Thank you to all my Reception teachers for making my lessons as virtually fun as possible! 

Anonymous, Reception

To Miss Rich:

Thank you Miss Rich for doing a fabulous job. Your hard work is appreciated x

Anonymous, Year 1

To all the Staff:

Thank you to all the staff at Etz Chaim! You are doing a fantastic job. We really appreciate having the key worker provision - it is the light we need to help us get through these dark times. 

Joshua/Lynn, Year 6

To Year 5 Team and all Staff:

Thanking all the Year 5 team and all Staff of Etz Chaim during this incredible difficult and forever changing time!! 

Myers Family, Year 5

To all my Reception Teachers:

Thank you for being my teachers and for all the hard effort you put into ensuring we have the best education and fun at the same time. 

Anonymous, Reception

To Mr Prince:

I want to thank Mr Prince for all that he is doing . He makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and happy 😊

Jordan, Reception

To Miss Shemtob and all Year 2 Staff:

Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher. You are so kind and helpful and I love your videos. I really miss you!

Ruby B, Year 2

To Mrs Rich:

Thank you for your tireless hard work. Thanks for continuing to teach our children despite having to completely relearn your job very quickly. You are a wonderful teacher and we appreciate all that you do. 

Kaia, Year 1

To Miss Rich, Rabbi Herman, Mrs Taylor, ALL STAFF!:

Thank you very much for your effort, energy, hard work and smile every day!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Amelija, Year 1

To Miss Rich:

You are the best teacher and have taught me a lot. You are very encouraging and believe in me 

Casey Krell, Year 1

To Mrs Baron, Mrs Osborne, Mrs Bagem, Mrs Fraser and all staff:

Thank you all so much for everything during these challenging times. We appreciate all you are doing and the hard work you have put in. Thank you :-) 

Joel/Julie, Year 6

To Miss Roberts:

Thank you for making the Team Meets fun with scavenger hunts! 

Rafi, Year 4

To all the Staff:

Thank you to all the staff who are working so hard to help our children learn at home in these challenging times.

Anonymous, Year 6

To Miss Shemtob:

Thank you for going above and beyond to help me. You are always smiling and make learning fun!

Eli, Year 2