Gesher School

To Miss Rowan and all Gesher staff:

You all stepped up when many didn't! You have been the silver lining on the dark covid cloud. You have been live savers, beyond amazing. We could never thank you enough or express effectively enough how much we appreciate everything you have done for Omri and for his family.

Omri, Year 4

To All Gesher staff:

Thank you for always going above and beyond for Daisy . Our daughter is so fortunate to be at Gesher and we couldn’t wish for her to be anywhere else.

Daisy Gradel, Year 4

To Miss Tamaryn and Mr Chris:

Thank you for keeping the school open during the whole of the pandemic, for always greeting our children with a smile and doing your very best to maintain a normal and happy environment for our kids. I am thankful on a daily basis for everything you do.

Valentine, Year 5

To Miss Leigh and Dvash Class:

Thanks for all your wonderful support!
The Gesher staff are just amazing! 

Poppy H, Reception

To Miss Jess and Chitah Class TAs:

Thank you so much for always doing your job with a smile despite the pandemic and its restraints. 

Valentine, Year 5

To Leigh Kennedy:

Many thanks for being a great teacher

Liam C, Reception

To all staff:

The care and dedication you have shown all the children through these very challenging times
is not just appreciated but admired. You have provided stability and comfort at a time when our children need it the most. Your enthusiasm and joy at being with the children is clear in every single update you post. Thank you for all you do and thank you for your commitment!!! 😊

Jemma Brahams, Year 1