Governor Workshops 27 November 2019

It’s Time to Focus on Your Staff
Zoe Sinclair, Employees Matter, and Jillian Dunstan, former Head of Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Primary School

The workshop included:

  • Introduction to ‘workplace’ mental health and why it is important to look at
  • The workplace stress that teachers are under specifically
  • Mental wellbeing outside of the workplace and how it can impact on work
  • Examples of best practice
  • Challenges
  • The future

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Raising Standards: how to improve teaching and learning
Rabbi David Meyer, PaJeS

This session looked at the challenges of raising standards in schools.
What does raising standards mean, who are the key players in raising standards, how can it be achieved and what role can and should governors play in achieving this.

Your PTA – valued support or loose cannon?
Susy Stone, former Head of Akiva School and Lisa Bayfield, outgoing Chair of PTA

The PTA, Friends of....... or whatever your parent group is called can be a wonderful support for the school, raising essential funds and helping to develop a sense of community. 

How can governors and the Headteacher work with the parent group to ensure that everyone is operating in harmony with the school's ethos and values and with each other? 

What knowledge, skills and understanding do parents who lead the PTA need?

Susy Stone and Lisa Bayfield will led the session, drawing on their experience of successful partnership.