Governor Workshops 3 June 2019

Voluntary contributions guidance and fundraising advice
Charles Pascoe, BDO
Simon Gold, Hasmonean High School

This looked at the different sources of funding for schools and which can be considered charitable donations. This was relevant both to state schools and independent schools.

We looked at what can and cannot be mentioned when communicating with parents, including the wording of voluntary contributions letters.

We also looked at examples of good practice as to how best to appeal to parents and conduct successful fundraising campaigns for schools. 

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All for charity: CHARLES PASCOE explains how to run a charity fundraising dinner in the most tax-efficient way
Lesson learned: Charles Pascoe relates the story of state schools, religious tuition and gift aid 
Gift Aid 10 Commandments for State Schools

Question, challenge and knowing when to have a courageous conversation
Clare Collins, National Governors' Association

This looked at how and when your governing board should question and challenge the HT/CEO, ensuring effective accountability while offering the support required to maintain good professional relationships. By focusing on its strategic role, the board can ensure that those with possible conflicts of interest (such as parent and staff governors/trustees) can undertake the governance role in a positive and constructive manner.

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