Governor Workshops 13 May 2015

Knowing your school – the data and beyond: what governors need to know to be able to hold their school to account
Richard Tyndall, National Governors Association

  • The sixth element of effective governance
  • The data: retrospective, current and future
  • Information to support other Key Performance Indicators
  • Trusted sources

Preparing for Ofsted
Clare Collins, National Governors Association

  • What Ofsted expect from the governing body
  • What ‘knowing your school’ means
  • The criteria against which the governing body will be judged
  • What to expect from the Ofsted visit
Ofsted Criteria and the Three Core Functions

From vision to implementation
Rabbi David Meyer, PaJeS

Every governor has a vision and desire to improve their school. However, translating this vision into implementation is often a very frustrating process. This session will consider the strategic priorities governors have for schools, explore the challenges facing their implementation and how to best overcome these challenges.