Governor workshops 15 November 2017


Workshop 1  

Questioning, challenging and looking at conflicts of interest on the governing body eg. being a parent and a governor
Clare Collins, National Governors’ Association


This will look at how your role on your governing board ensures effective accountability while maintaining good relationships. This session will include a focus on conflicts of interest such as those that may arise for parent and staff governors and trustees. 


Workshop 2   Meeting and surpassing DfE and Ofsted directives
Rabbi David Meyer, Executive Director of PaJeS
  This session, chaired by Rabbi David Meyer, will look at how schools ensure they are compliant with current government and Ofsted directives. Topics to be covered may include promoting British values, teaching other religions, protected characteristics, LGBT, changes to free school admissions and segregation of sexes.  Schools who have developed good practice will be contributing to the presentation.
Workshop 3   Effective governance – how am I doing? Reviewing performance and planning for improvement
Janet Scott, SGOSS Governors for Schools

This is an opportunity to reflect and consider your contribution to help create a stronger and more motivated governing body.  Does your Board have the skills and expertise that enables it to support the head teacher and senior leadership team?