Governor Workshops 1 April 2019

Senior Recruitment
Elliott Goldstein, Partner, MBS Group
"The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world" - Steve Jobs
Too often schools take a passive approach to succession planning and attracting the very best talent. Ambitious hiring doesn't happen - it requires a paradigm shift on how you approach talent, and the development of a considered plan of action - sometimes years before you think a hiring need will become apparent. This session, aimed at Governors and Headteachers alike, explores practical solutions to ensure schools can identify and subsequently secure the best senior leaders for their organisation.

Managing Complaints
Jason Marantz, Education Adviser for an inner London local authority
Both Heads and Governors are well aware of the complexity of managing complaints in their schools. This workshop will look at policies that need to be in place and carefully followed and will pose some case studies, discussing appropriate ways to tackle issues that arise.
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The Role of Informal Education in Schools
Shelley Marsh, Executive Director, Reshet
The workshop will look at the role of informal education in a school community, both primary and secondary. It will explain the general definition of informal education and how Jewish education challenges this. Participants will look at opportunities to support informal Jewish education in schools as well as the benefits it brings to students.
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