Governor Workshops 21 November 2016


Workshop 1

Understanding Assessment and SATs
Beverley Perin, Director of Challenge and Intervention, London Academies Enterprise Trust


The session will give an overview of the statutory assessments across both primary and secondary schools, will show how the data is used by the DfE and Ofsted, and demonstrate how schools can use the data. 

Inspection dashboard (pages 1-4 only)
Attainment progress 8
Primary and secondary school accountability reform and assessment in 2016
Questions for users of primary RAISEonline summary reports

Workshop 2

From Technology Vision to Implementation: The Whys, Hows, What to and What not to do
Sammy Morhaim, Jewish Interactive


Jewish Interactive is an educational technology charity that works with over 500 schools across the world. It is currently working with the majority of Jewish schools in the UK and is PaJeS’ official educational technology partner. This session will provide you with:

  • an understanding of the pedagogical shift that is happening in many classrooms today as a direct result of technology
  • a step by step guide on how to help your school achieve its vision and navigate the tech resource minefield
  • a closer look at government policy and future policies that will affect your schools
  • Pajes/JI procurement savings opportunities for IT
  • a look at the services and opportunities available for your schools
A detailed advice booklet will be given to all session attendees.


Workshop 3

Admissions, Applications and Appeals
Simon Goulden, PaJeS


For many governors, especially newer ones, the whole school admissions process can be difficult to understand, challenging to explain and a headache to operate. And just when you think you have understood it, the rules might change. Parents will often turn to you for help and advice, but can you give it?

This session will try to walk you through the relevant legislation, the procedures that schools have to carry out and the methodology of dealing with appeals.