Governor Workshops 27 June 2023

Enhancing Leadership in Schools: The role of governors in supporting the Headteacher, SLT and Staff
Stephanie Segal, Consultant

This workshop looked at the role of Governors in supporting the Headteacher and school staff, understanding their responsibilities and workload to ensure their wellbeing.

Supporting staff wellbeing and mental health

How can we support and challenge SEND in our schools?

Joann Moore, Strategic Lead, Inclusion Advisory Team, Barnet
Ruth Vered, Advisory Teacher, Inclusion Advisory Team, Barnet

This workshop  provided an opportunity to:
• Consider local and national developments in SEND
• As well as provide an opportunity to consider your role as a governor in relation to SEND

See presentation here

Update on New Pikuach Framework
Janine Rose, Executive Director, Pikuach

This workshop focused on what changes have occurred with a Pikuach inspection, eg Jewish Personal and Spiritual Development and why schools should choose Pikuach. The session explained the new criteria of JP&SD from ‘doing to being’ and consider what Pikuach would seek to find in your own school and why.

See presentation here