Governor Workshops 30 November 2022`

Effective Communication
Suzanne Tager, Chair of Governors, Rimon Jewish Primary School
Headteachers tell us that dealing with governors and managing their expectations can be one of the most challenging aspects of their role. In this session governors explored how to communicate effectively, to help senior leaders to hear your message, actively listen to what they are saying and ensure you understand their perspective. Governors discussed how to prepare for potentially challenging conversations and work collaboratively to decide on a course of action.
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Good Governance
Claire Collins, National Governors’ Association
Good governance – this session explored how PaJeS ten governance commandments might look like in practice, and the support and guidance available to strengthen governance in your school or trust
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PaJeS Ten Commandments Handout 1
PaJeS Ten Commandments Handout 2

From Vision to Implementation
Rabbi David Meyer, CEO, PaJeS
Every governor has a vision and desire to improve their school. However, translating this vision into implementation is often a very frustrating process. This session considered the strategic priorities governors have for schools, explored the challenges facing their implementation and how to best overcome these challenges.


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