Governor Workshops 8 November 2021

Pikuach - a new focus for inspection
Jeffrey Leader, Director of Pikuach

An overview of Pikuach’s new inspection framework.
Jeffrey explained why Pikuach is shifting its focus from inspecting the acquisition of Jewish knowledge to the impact Jewish learning makes on young Jewish lives. Pikuach believes that our children need to find an emotional connection to their learning and recognise its personal relevance. If not, everything they learn will remain detached from their lives.


Governors' responsibility for the provision of special needs
Jacqui Rudolph, SENCo

Jacqui has been the Special Educational Needs Coordinator at Menorah High School since 2006 and before that was SENCo at Mathilda Marks Kennedy Primary. She serves on the governing body at Yavneh College where she is Safeguarding Governor.

Jacqui outlined the provision that schools are required to make for children with special needs and the role of governors in that provision.

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Preparing for Ofsted
Clare Collins, National Governors Association

This session covered:

  • What Ofsted expect from the governing body
  • What ‘knowing your school’ means
  • The criteria against which the governing body will be judged
  • What to expect from the Ofsted visit

Tell me about your school prompts
Tell me about your school example
Governance checklist