Governor Workshops 11 June 2018


Workshop 1: Don’t Lose Your Head
Susy Stone, Headteacher of Akiva School
Jon Epstein, Former Chair of Governors of Akiva School
  The pressure on Headteachers today can be immense and their relationship with governors is integral to the smooth running of the school.  Susy Stone, Head of Akiva School, and Jon Epstein, Chair of Governors at the school for six years, will look at how Heads can be supported by governors in their demanding role.  They will share their experiences of working together at the school. 
Workshop 2: Performance Management
Clare Collins, National Governors’ Association

The purpose of the session will be to build an understanding of how performance is managed in schools. It will cover:

  • Why performance should be managed
  • The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document
  • Staff appraisal and pay policies
  • Monitoring objectives and appraisal outcomes
  • What does success look like?
  • Appeals procedures

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Workshop 3:

From Vision to Implementation
Rabbi David Meyer, Executive Director of PaJeS

  Every governor has a vision and desire to improve their school. However, translating this vision into implementation is often a very frustrating process. This session will consider the strategic priorities governors have for schools, explore the challenges facing their implementation and how to best overcome these challenges.