Governor Workshops 28 November 2018

Protected characteristics and British values
Rabbi David Meyer, Executive Director at PaJeS, and Raisel Freedman, Public Affairs at PaJeS
This workshop will help you understand the approach of the DfE and Ofsted in regard to protected characteristics and British values. Rabbi Meyer and Raisel will discuss how you can ensure your school will meet the required standards.

Managing challenges effectively
Adam Dawson, Chair of Governors at Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School
Managing the Pressures of being a Governor. Adam will share his experiences as a chair of governors and will facilitate discussion on topics such as:
• Relationship with the Head
• Relationship with senior staff
• Working collaboratively with fellow governors
• Working collaboratively with other schools
• Being a parent and a governor

Notes made by the four groups in this session
Adam's top 7 tips

Setting the Jewish vision of the school, aims and objectives
Jeffrey Leader, Director of Pikuach
Jeffrey will look at what your school says it does in terms of Jewish ethos. What impact does this have on the children’s lives? How do schools and Pikuach measure this?
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