Heads Day Conference

As well as the Heads Residential we also hold a day conference in March each year. In 2020 the conference was held on 3rd March.

The day began with a Public Affairs Update by Rabbi David Meyer and Raisel Freedman who ran a session on the current discussions that PaJeS is having with both Ofsted and the DFE. They also looked at the recently published report by the Policy Exchange, pertinent to faith schools. Please click here to view the accompanying power point.

The next session was a talk by Zoe Sinclair of Employees Matter and Jillian Dunstan, former Head of Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Primary School entitled, "It’s time to focus on your staff."  Please click here to view the presentation. We have also included responses from scenario discussions which took place in their session that you can view here.

The last session before lunch was a talk by Jami. They discussed the launch of the ERIC project. The Emergency Response Initiative Consortium is a partnership of agencies coordinated by Jami, comprised of CST, Norwood, Grief Encounter, the Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service and in partnership with PaJeS. They announced the launch of a communal response to suicide for schools and a joint initiative to help prevent suicide.

A single point of contact with a team that can provide immediate support and guidance in the tragic event of a suicide or sudden traumatic death, as well as a ‘postvention’ strategy including education, training and management systems to create better awareness and understanding of suicide, will be of significant benefit to the school and all its constituents. For more information or to receive a copy of the "Coping After Suicide and Sudden Traumatic Death: A Guide for Schools", please contact [email protected]

After a delicious lunch with some time for networking amongst the Headteachers, Detective Inspector Mark Rogers and colleagues from the Metropolitan Police gave an extremely important and insightful high level briefing with the key topics being: Emerging Safeguarding Threats and Safeguarding Guidance for Schools.

These were their presentations/handouts:
Presentation by Met Police
Safeguarding Guidance for Schools and Colleges

Please click on these links to find further information that the police thought Headteachers would appreciate:
Criminal Exploitation: A Guide for Parents
Criminal Exploitation: Stages of Recruitment
Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation Social Media Library

The day concluded with a fascinating talk by Dr Mark Berelowitz, CAMHS Psychiatrist who discussed lessons learned from the Thai cave boys particularly as they pertain to schools. Dr Berelowitz has been closely involved with the JLC’s wellbeing project and we were very pleased to welcome such a fascinating speaker.


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