Heads Discussion Groups

PaJeS is committed to supporting the leadership of Jewish schools and building on the UJIA Ashdown Fellowships work in this area. Heads are under great pressure and relentless scrutiny. Being Head of a primary school can be a lonely position and sharing experiences with colleagues can be invaluable. There is often little time for reflection or opportunities to learn from colleagues in similar positions. Since 2014 we have been offering a model to support primary school Heads based on work discussion groups and individual coaching.
Work discussion groups offer regular opportunities for senior leaders to develop thinking and understanding about a range of management and leadership related issues within a confidential forum. Members have the opportunity to share a range of challenging leadership issues, preoccupations, concerns or dilemmas - anything that they would value the opportunity to think with other Headteacher colleagues about. 
Each Head who joins the programme is also offered a one-to-one coaching session with highly skilled facilitator, Emil Jackson. These individually tailored sessions offer senior leaders opportunities to explore any complex, challenging or sensitive issues encountered in their role. Emil’s experience integrates over 19 years of work as a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapist with 13 years experience as an executive coach, coaching supervisor and facilitator. He specialises in individual coaching with headteachers and senior teams, and in facilitating work discussion groups for Headteachers, senior and middle leaders.
All matters discussed are treated as being completely confidential.

Two groups of Heads currently meet; one is particularly for new Heads. Meetings are held twice each term for two hours. Anyone interested should contact Lira Winston [email protected]