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Heads Up Kids Back 2 School Programme has been developed and written in direct response to the current Covid 19 pandemic to support children’s wellbeing as they return to school. The programme is delivered in partnership with Norwood and PaJes and is supported by the Community Wellbeing project. We are grateful to the Wohl Foundation for funding this work and making it possible for us to support children’s wellbeing.

HUK Back 2 School is a teacher-led, universal programme to support the transition back to school and provide an opportunity to reconnect, a forum to talk and share, and a means to look towards the future. We aim to build a secure and supportive environment as well as a sense of connectiveness for the school as a whole during a time of change and uncertainty. The programme is a group experience where children learn through games, drama, art and discussion.

We wish to build teachers’ capacity for addressing wellbeing in response to the pandemic and in an ongoing way. The Heads Up Kids ethos is to create a shared emotional language in the classroom and embed wellbeing within the culture of the whole school.

This programme is designed to be used in combination with other school activities to support the return to school.

The September Edit consists of 4 sessions that can be used anytime in the first 2-3 weeks back at school.

These 4 sessions are all part of the first Back 2 School pack and have been edited in line with current changes.

Aims for children:

  • Enable children to transition back to the school environment and feel safe and secure through routine, consistency and ritual.
  • Enable children to share their experiences and feelings.
  • Normalise worries and other big feelings.
  • To enable children to manage uncertainty and change.

Aims for schools and teachers:

  • Model optimism.
  • Build a hopeful outlook.
  • Remind children of their strengths.
  • Build resilience from a strengths-based approach – new coping mechanisms will help combat negative feelings.
  • Re-affirm relationships between children and build relationships with their teacher.
  • To build a sense of connectedness for the whole school at the start of the academic year. 

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Recorded training Zoom session

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