Hasmonean High School

To Mr Gastwirth, Mrs Dunner & Rabbi Silkoff:

Thank you for teaching me and for making your lessons so fun. I know you are working so hard and I really appreciate it. Keep safe and well!

Micah Jacobs, Year 6

To all year 7 teachers:

Thank you so much for all that you do.

Anonymous, Year 7

To Rabbi Gerber and Rabbi Hager:

I was not always so keen about Gemorah but both of you truly increased my ‏אמונה and im so thankful for that. Both your lessons were always enjoyable and I am very sad you no longer teach me! Truly making the classroom more Educational • Enjoyable • Beneficial.

Oriel, Year 10

To all Year 9 Staff:

Thank you so much for all you do for the kids!

Anonymous, Year 9

To Rabbi Burman:

Rebbe, thank you so much for everything you do for our RS class. You spends ages on PowerPoints and marking our work and it is very much appreciated. Thank you for your continued support and commitment.

Anonymous, Year 10

To all Staff:

Thank you to all the teaching staff, both Kodesh and Chol who have taught my son over the years. I am truly grateful.

Simcha Lebof, Year 13

To Mrs Langdon:

Your incredible efforts to organise the order, delivery and set up of the Chromebooks for students to use in order to continue their learning during this challenging time, have been very much appreciated. Thank you. A grateful parent of more than one year group.

Anonymous, Year 12

To Rabbi Amar:

Thank you for your continued lessons ( which last the whole period) and for setting work when you are unable to teach.

Rafael kander, Year 7 

To all Staff:

Thank you to all my teachers for helping us through this hard time!!

Gavi, Year 7

To all Staff:

Thanks to all of you amazing teachers, for working so hard, for being so organised, for keeping my daughter Shira happy and motivated. You have done such amazing work sand I can't thank you enough. It is much appreciated.

Shira Siepe, Year 8

To all Teachers:

Thank you for teaching Devoiry and Channah Leah with devotion and kindness. We truly appreciate your efforts. B'H may you go from strength to strength!

Helene Amstell, Year 8 

To the Year 9 Staff:

Thank you to all the year 9 teachers. We appreciate all your time effort and above all patience!

Juliet and Phil Karp, Year 9 

To all Staff:

Thank you to all the teachers and staff who have ensured that online learning is going smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for all you do, we really appreciate it. Thanks also to the HIPE team for always going above and beyond with their amazing ideas and organising wonderful events which are always thoroughly enjoyed whether in person or online.

Anonymous, Year 7

To all Staff:

Thanks to all of you amazing teachers, for working so hard, for being so organised, for keeping my daughter Aliza happy and motivated. It must be so challenging to be a teacher at the moment, especially with the GCSEs and all that involves. You have done such amazing work and I can't thank you enough. My daughter has been thriving despite the difficult situation and I have throughout felt confident that she is getting an excellent education.

Aliza Siepe, Year 11

To all staff:

Thank you for the extraordinary effort you’ve put in to help us get through this year and keeping our spirits up and motivation going in these challenging times.

Anonymous, Year 11

To the year 8 team:

Thank you for all the work you are doing to keep our children's education on track. Thank you for providing a great structure to the day and for keeping learning as 'normal' as possible, and thank you for the excellent pastoral support. Well done to you all! 

Sara and David Elias, Year 8

To all staff:

Thank you so much for all your help and support, your professionalism and kindness and all that you are doing for the boys under the most difficult of circumstances. We are very grateful.

Resnick Family, Year 8

To Rabbi Gruber:

Sir I have learnt so much from you, I think I am improving my derech eretz. Thanks

Anonymous, Year 10

To Mr Munteanu:

Sir your a great teacher I am learning so much from you. Thank you

Samuel A, Nursery.

To Mrs Maurer:

You are just the best. She’s so caring towards us and makes Psychology come alive for us.

Anonymous, Year 13

To The Pastoral Team:

Absolutely amazing dedication to the welfare of the students. Respect!

Anonymous, Year 7

To Mr Munteanu:

Thank so much for being the best teacher in the maths department . Everyday you come in and teach us maths whilst cracking a few jokes here and there keep it up!!!!! Your the best.

Yishia o, Year 10

To Mr. Montianu:

Thank you Sir.

Nati Raymond, Year 10

To Rabbi Birnbaum:

Thank you for all the student that you teach. Your lesson is really excellent.

Doron Birnbaum, Year 12

To Mr Munteanu:

Hey Sir, I can’t wait for your lessons! Your the best teacher in the world.

Nati Raymond, Year 10.

To Mrs Waugh:

Thank you for the love and care you show to our children. We really do appreciate it.

Anonymous, Year 11

To Science Department:

Thank you to all 3 triple science teachers for going above and beyond what is asked to ensure we achieve as much as we can in the situation, even though you all have so much going on personally. Thank you.

Anonymous, Year 11

To Mr Charlton:

On behalf of the year 11 science class, I would like to say a massive thank you for all you have done during the lockdown period. You took a hard situation, with your young kid at home, in your stride and used it to make our lessons fun and I know I speak for Everyone when I say you brightened our day, with little comedy sketches in the middle of a boring day in what’s meant to be a boring physics lesson. So thank you so much for that. We are so grateful especially as we know how difficult it was for you. And that’s not even all you have done! You are always there out of school time to answer (sometimes lengthy) question emails to ensure we understand everything there is to know as best as possible, even when being at home with a young kid and a wife as a key worker probably means that you don’t get much time alone to breathe. So just know we appreciate everything you are doing greatly. Thank you.

Year 11 Physics Class.

To Rabbi Cohen:

Keeping it short I would like to thank rabbi m cohen for all his help support kind heartedness just being there for everyone not just my self when we need him. Additionally I would like to thank him for never displaying any anger or raising his voice and putting up with so much. I am truly honoured and blessed to be taught and helped by him. אד מאה ועשרים שנה

Yehuda, Year 12

To Mr. Montianu:

Thank you so much sir for your amazing politics banter and maths.Because of you i managed to soar to the top o the class.Your lessons are amazing!

Moishie kuaffman, Year 10

To Mrs Leamen, Mrs Bennaroch and Mr Kalley:

Thank you so much for all the help and support you've given me this year 

Anonymous, Year 12

To Mr Artman:

You are the best teacher I have ever been taught by, your dedication is second to none and your commitment is unparalleled. Keep being the greatest educator and the most amazing role model, I wish every student could have a teacher as brilliant as you. Kids would enjoy school a lot more...

Anonymous, Year 13

To Rabbi Liss:

Thank you for being such a good teacher.
Formally from Golders Green

Yishai, Year 10

To Mrs Ordman:

Thank you so much for the constant dedication, always asking for our feedback and actually listening to us.
Much appreciated, your year ten class.

Anonymous, Year 10

To Mrs Ordman-Mullings:

Your the best science teacher in hasmo! Thanks for dealing with all my annoying questions!

Moishe Kaufman, Year 10

To Mr Munteanu:

Thank you so much for teaching us the maths! You make the lessons so enjoyable because your the banta man. #mr munteanu for president!! Thank you sir!

Moishe Kaufman, Year 10

To Mr Munteanu:

THANKS so.much for being the best maths teacher in the school. I used to not feel confident about maths and now I know it all .(sorry if I misbehave) 

Nati Raymond, Year 10

To Mr Munteanu:

Thank you so much for being the best maths teacher ! ( Sorry if I forget to turn on my camera sometimes 😉)

Eitan Schwartz

To all the Staff:

I just wanted to thank you and show appreciation for all the hard work that you are doing both during and outside of class in order to help us as best as possible.

Avi S, Year 11

To Mr. Monteano

Thank you so much sir your lessons are amazing.

Samuel Aaron, Year 10.

To Mrs Maurer:

Thank you for your continued support and words of wisdom...you are so appreciated . Much love..a stressed parent!

Rochelle Smith, Year 12

To Mr Munteano:

Thank you so much for being the best teacher ever and for teaching me maths!

Amitai Kiselstein, Year 10

To Mr Munteanu:

Thank you sir U teach the lessons so well
I understand most of the topics you’ve taught

Samuel Aaron, Year 10

To Mr Munteanu:

Great maths teacher

Johnny, Year 10

To Rabbi Liss:

Thank you so much for providing top quality and very interesting lessons for our class

Anonymous, Year 10

To Mr Charlton:

I was struggling between choosing to drop Triple Science or continue taking it. Mr Charlton was understanding of my situation and helped me make an informed decision which considered my personal circumstances. Apart from that, he has been great over lockdown, and I still feel like I received quality lessons, especially considering he had to balance that with the responsibilities of being a father, he always gives his all to students and I am very grateful for that, even if I didn't always take him up on his offer for assistance, which I should have. One of the best, if not, THE best, Science teachers in school and I will miss being his student in class.

Anonymous, Year 11

To Mr Charlton:

Thanks for being a legend and always turning up to our lessons with a smile on your face prepped with some goofy jokes, despite the stresses you are dealing with. I think I speak for everyone when I say that your classes brighten up our day.

Anonymous, Year 11

To Mr Munteanu:

You are an amazing teacher and always makes our lessons interesting. Even when i don't understand something you help me along. That is why you are one of my favourite teachers and maths is one of my favourite subjects.

Tzvi Ziskind, Year 10 

To Year 11 Staff:

Thank you to all the staff who help out with year 11 during these precarious times. We appreciate that you are in a similar position to all of us students. We both don't know how this year will pan out and we both want the best for us. Thank you for continuing to teach us every day without fail, despite the uncertainty of what we need to know or be doing for whatever happens this summer. We are full of gratitude for your efforts to teach us online, however difficult it may be for you.
Thank you from one year 11 student and I'm sure many others

Anonymous, Year 11

To Mr Sidhu:

In September when i fist met Mr Sidhu i couldn't do most of the maths on the GCSE course and had very low confidence.
Mr Sidhu believed in me and gave up his time to help me succeed and in maths i am very thankful for all his help.
Since September i have gained two grades in my tests all thanks to Mr Sidhu help and support.
With Mr Sidhu's guidance i am now doing well in maths and on course for a good grade in my GCSE'S

Shia, Year 11

To Mrs Leaman:

Only one teacher popped into my head. Thx for your continued support and keep being an awesome teacher. I can't wait to see how u deal with my antics next lol. Seriously tho you're a great teacher and the fact that u have 6 cats will never not make me laugh. Stay safe and see u soon, or next yr probs.

Uri, Year 12

To all the Staff:

Thank you so much for everything that all the staff have done and are doing to provide the best online education at such a challenging time
really appreciate

Anonymous, Year 13

To the Year 11 Teachers:

Thank you so much for all the hard work you are putting in for us students. These are uncertain times especially for us, with this year being our “GCSE” year, and you are doing everything possible to keep us relaxed and calm and continue to give fantastic education no matter how difficult, so thank you.

Anonymous, Year 11

To all Teachers:

Thank you for all your support

Anonymous, Year 10

To Miss Liley and all the Year 7 Staff:

Thank you for the tremendous and tireless effort you have put into the making online schooling such a positive experience. Everything is so well organised and you are really making the most of a very hard situation. Thanks for all your efforts, we really appreciate it.

Steven and Roxy Blumgart, Year 7

To all Year 11 Teachers:

Thank you for all the online high-level teaching and for the warm and kind way that you have dealt with the uncertainty about GCSEs. It certainly helps the girls to have such strong pastoral support during such a challenging time. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous, Year 11

To Miss Liley:

Thank you for caring so much about all the girls in your year groups they are so lucky to have such a kind dedicated head of year. 

Dina Jacobson, parent of Rimona, Year 8

To all staff:

Thank you to the incredible teachers at Hasmonean for the engaging and well organised online lessons you provide. HIPE sessions are especially exciting and enjoyable. Thank you for the Key Worker provision which is incredibly helpful....the table tennis especially!
Thank you to Mrs Lebrett, Ms Benarroch, Mrs Fine ( and Coco) and all the staff for all you do. We are so very grateful and wish you continued hatzlocho at this challenging time. 

Avi Posen and his parents, Year 8

To Rabbi Yehuda Hager:

Thank you for the many hours of support you have given myself and my son. I know I'm just one of many many people you help at all hours of the day and night, but during these past few months your guidance, care and love has been extraordinary.

Anonymous, Year 7