Jewish Schools Awards 2020

On Tuesday 11th February, PaJeS, together with the Jewish News, celebrated five years of the Jewish Schools Awards where we once again recognised, outstanding and inspiring school staff in Jewish schools across the UK.

This year’s respected event differed from past ceremonies as we were not only applauding and acknowledging the exceptional work of our teachers in Jewish schools but we introduced a new competition, The PaJeS Pitch.

With over 250 people in attendance, the night was also an opportunity to celebrate the excellence in teaching and the contributions of non-teaching staff. PaJeS received over 250 nominations this year, which were then narrowed down and judged by an expert panel. 

The panel, which was made up by Ms Kate Goldberg, Dr Michael Markiewicz, Mrs Naomi Greenwood and Mrs Leonie Lewis MBE, really struggled to decide which of the worthy finalists should be crowned the winners.

Each award winner received £5,000 and each finalist received £1,000 to spend on a new project of their choice within the school. The awards proved again to be a wonderful opportunity to recognise teachers who often don’t get the credit they deserve and to celebrate their dedication and determination.

The evening included a tribute to the Central Specialist Crime team of the Metropolitan Police. PaJeS has been supporting the work of the Central Specialist Crime team to communicate with Jewish schools following a response to a serious case. In addition to setting up critical new communication groups between Headteachers, PaJeS has also run a series of Parents Awareness Evenings across London and Manchester. This has been one of the most far reaching parent education programmes in the Jewish community and the largest parent programme that the police have ever run.

Finally there was a special presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to our very own Lira Winston for her substantial contribution to Jewish Education. Lira, who is assistant director at PaJeS, has spent 25 years ensuring the success and growth of education within the Jewish community. There could not have been a more worthy recipient of the award.


CURRICULUM COLLABORATION AWARD: Collaboration between Jewish studies and secular studies
This award recognises a team of Jewish or Ivrit studies and secular studies teachers who have implemented a joint initiative that has enriched teaching and learning across both Jewish and secular curriculum areas.

Secondary school
Mrs Naomi Amdurer, Immanuel College WINNER
Mr Benjy Myers,  Manchester Mesivta School 
Mrs October Wright, 
King David Liverpool 

Primary school
Rabbi Joshua Conway and Morah Bilha Cohen, Nancy Reuben Primary School WINNERS
Mrs Lucy Potts and Shana Burton, Broughton Jewish Primary School 
SLT Members, Manchester Jewish School for Special Education 

Learning about the wider community
This award recognises a teacher or group of teachers who have initiated a programme that takes students out of the classroom in order to offer them a broader range of learning experiences.  This could include engagement with the wider community and initiatives that have contributed to a deeper understanding of British values.

Secondary school
Mrs Ofrit Selby, The King David High School, Manchester WINNER
Mr Ben Gordon, Yavneh College 
Madame Sarah Perlberg, Immanuel College 

Primary school
Rebbe Dovi Colman, Broughton Jewish Primary SchooWINNER
Mrs Rosie Cohen, Mosaic Primary 
Mrs Wendy Hilliar, Hasmonean Primary School 

Honouring school-based volunteering
This award recognises an individual or group of volunteers, governors, parents or others, who are not employed by the school but who have significantly contributed and improved aspects of school life. 

Mrs Clare Zinkin, Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School WINNER
Mrs Allegra Benitah, Nancy Reuben Primary School

Mr Graham Morris, North West London Jewish Day School

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