Kerem School

To Mr Moses, Ms Dalwai. Rabbi Ford:

These three teachers have been phenomenal and gone way above and beyond in keeping my son fully occupied and engaged in these challenging times. Thank you!

Danielle, Year 5 

To Year 4 teachers:

Lots of appreciation and huge respect for the hard work you are doing during this difficult time in the world. Thank you.

Hillel, Year 4

To Year 2 teachers:

Thank you for all your patience and dedication during this difficult time. Lots of love.

Ariel, Year 2 

To Mrs Collier:

Thanks to Mrs Collier for all
Your hard work, attention, care and help during this difficult period. You are always responsive and very dedicated and your suggestions for both literacy and numeracy practice have been great.

Yonatan, Reception

To Ms Simon:

Ms Simon is leading Kerem in an exceptional fashion. Her dedication is clear for all to see. She goes above and beyond for each and every student. She is calm, kind and but also assertive and adaptable to change/ feedback. Kerem
school is very lucky to have her as Headteacher!

Anonymous, Year 5

To Year 3 Teachers:

Thank you so much for all that you are doing. Hannah is engaged, happy and motivated. Keep up the excellent work. 

Deborah, Year 3

To all Teachers:

Thank you so much for all that you do. You truly are remarkable.
Love Leanne and Ruby xxx

Ruby, Nursery

To Miss Cowen:

Miss Cowen continues to impress us with how passionate and caring she is about our daughter, both with her well-being and education. A huge thank you!

Anonymous, Nursery

To Mrs Sondhelm:

Thankyou Mrs Sondhelm for your support and wonderful teaching.
You really engage with and inspire your class. We are so lucky to have you. 

Anonymous, Year 6

To Mrs Cowen and her Team:

Mrs Cowen is teaching children who are at home and at school and she is doing both with a huge amount of care and passion. Thank you for everything

Anonymous, Nursery