Kantor King Solomon High School

To Mr Adair:

Thanks for the support.

Anonymous, Year 8 

To Mr M A jepson:

Thank you for making me for confident and better at art.

jahnvi, Year 8

To Mr M A Jepson:

Thank you for helping me with art and making me more confident with it.

Anonymous, Year 8 

To Mr Palmer:

Thank you very much for helping me settle into Year 8. It's been a difficult year for everybody and you're always there to answer questions or if we need help with anything.

Ayesha, Year 8.

To Mr Christodoulou:

You are a great teacher and I love form time and recovery. You always make me smile and laugh. Thank you!

Victoria, Year 8 

To all Staff:

Thank you for all the support and help throughout this time. I truly appreciate it and thank you for making this all bearable.

Anonymous, Year 8

To Mr Gerstenberg:

Thank you for dealing with our class even when we give you a hard time!

Anonymous, Year 8

Miss Roberds:

I thank you for being my form tutor and for giving us all these calming form times.

Asad, Year 8.

To Ms Bedeau:

Thank you for always being so nice to us on teams meetings and always preparing us for our assesments and pushing us to do our best :))

Anonymous, Year 9

To The Science department:

Thank you for all your hard work - it doesn’t go unnoticed. you’ve all been very organised and it makes it a lot more easier on the students, especially during the pandemic.

Niraja, Year 13

To Miss Thorne:

I would like to say thanks to Miss Thorne for being such a kind teacher and being patient and nice to me even when i am disruptive in lesson, i would also like to say thanks for actually making sure we understand the lesson and being a good teacher overall.

Anonymous, Year 8

To Miss Bedeau:

Thank you for always helping and supporting me. you have been my best teacher i have met since the day i started this school. i really like to listen to your daily life, so thank you and stay happy.

Mahrukh Ashfaq, Year 9

To Miss N Chandler:

Hello miss, you are one of my favorite teachers! Whenever I have an English lesson I am always happy. Even through the online lessons you still manage to teach so great. I have learnt a lot from your lessons, and I am glad to have you as a teacher.

Anonymous, Year 11

To all Teachers:

Thank you for preparing work for us everyday even if we are in lockdown, so we could still stay educated.

Anonymous, Year 7

To Miss Khanom:

you are the best English teacher and thank you for all your teaching!

Anonymous, Year 9

To Miss Ewert:

thank you so much for the encouragement you give to me and the class ,your so caring to us all and your always there for us, and your such a good teacher.

Anonymous, Year 9

To Ms Sheika:

Thanks for being such a supportive and kind teacher! 

Anonymous, Year 8

To Miss J Aaronson:

Hello miss, you always work your hardest when trying to teach us, you always find a way to get the lesson across by actually teaching us, and you are my favorite teacher in the school.
You probably don't notice me, but I think you should know, you are a star.

Anonymous, Year 11

To Mrs Chandler:

Thank you for making the english lessons enjoyable and fun
Thank you for helping me improve my writing and grammar
And lastly thank you for being one of the best teacher Ive had in three years

Anonymous, Year 8

To Mr Kooyman:

Relatable and has lots of interesting stories,nice teacher

Anonymous, Year 12

To Mrs N Chandler:

Thank you for being so polite, friendly and helpful in our English work. I used to really struggle in English but you have really helped me to improve and enjoy the subject. Thank you again 

Harrison Bick, Year 7

To all the Teachers:

Thank you so much for your hard work!👍And for the patience you had/have with us! Thank you for choosing to teach us and support us and never giving your hope up on us. ✨ You have been doing a great job please keep doing it! Thank you so much for everything. 

Anonymous, Year 12

To all the Teachers:

During the lockdown all the teachers have had to adapt to the new environment more than most students in order to make sure our learning is not impacted. I am grateful for the extra effort they are willingly putting in for us.

Anonymous, Year 10

To Mr Judge:

Thanks for always motivating us and keeping us on track with our education, also a great head of year.

Anonymous, Year 13

To Miss Schiffman:

Thank you for always being supportive to the year and kind! X we miss you

Anonymous, Year 13

To Mr Anderson:

I used to hate IT, not because I didn't like it, but I didn't get it, then you came along and you was soo organised and I was soo surprised to see a teacher soo dedicated. You make me want to work hard so that all the hard work you put for us makes not only me happy but you!!

Genna, Year 13

To: Mr P Judge, Ms J Schiffman:

Thank you so much for all the time and support you have given to not only me but the entire sixth form, and you both are the backbone to keeping us all strong through these difficult times. I hope you know how much we all appreciate you 

Kirubash, Year 13

To all teachers:

Thank you so much to all Toby's teachers (and all sixth form staff) for all your hard work during these strange times. Your recent feedback on Toby's progress was wonderful to hear. He's very lucky to have such passionate and dedicated teachers.

Tracey Harris, Year 12

To Mr Judge:

I code this person because he’s always there to help even if he’s really busy he may be our head of year but he seems like our head teacher. When you need him he’ll be there.

Dilwar, Year 12

To Mr Judge:

Thanks sir, for all the support and help throughout the years. Keep pushing through even through these awful times, you have a been amazing!!!

Elyane, Year 13

To Miss A Lawrence:

Thanks Miss for all your hard work and dedication your have done throughout the years.
We really appreciate your help even in these awful times. Keep on pulling through and keep doing what your doing, never forget your amazing.
Bye Misssss

Elyane, Year 13

To all members of school staff:

A big shout-out to all the school staff, pastoral team, and of course the teachers who have worked so hard to pivot the learning-offer and deliver a creative, engaging education for our children, in the midst of this pandemic. 

Sarah, Year 11

To Ms Pointon:

Ms, you’re the coldest maths teacher, your support is highly rated!

Yusha, Year 12

To all the teachers:

Your efforts in leading us to our best potential as individuals amid the pandemic remain truly appreciated. Though as students we may often appear reluctant during the lessons, we do acknowledge the continuous effort put in by all teachers to seem lively, turn their cameras on and make lessons as enjoyable and educating from home for us as possible. Can’t imagine the amount of marking which piles up but it goes a long way when we receive our individual feedback and grades letting us know of our progress and how to continue improving. Thank you for your ongoing support and motivation during this uncertain time! 

Rafidah, Year 13

To Mrs Schiffman:

I would like to thank Mrs Schiffman for being kind and supportive whenever I have an issue.

Kiran, Year 12

To Miss Lawrence:

Thanks for all your support during this period of time. It is very much appreciated! Your enthusiasm has helped to keep me motivated and carry on revising. Your an amazing teacher, thank you. 

Chloe M, Year 12

To Mrs Saunders, Miss Liu and Mr Gerstenberg:

A big thank you for your support and understanding during a very difficult time in mine and my children’s life. It is really appreciated, you all have gone above and beyond 😊

Talya, Year 7