Primary Schools

Anti-Bullying Week 16-20 November 2020


Powerpoint presentation for form teachers to deliver to KS 2 classes during the campaign week, and suggested online videos for EYFS and KS1

Heads Up Kids

Heads Up Kids is a universal social and emotional wellbeing programme delivered in partnership with Norwood and PaJes and funded by the Wohl Foundation. The sessions are facilitated by the class teacher in the classroom for the whole class. Teachers are trained and supported to run the programme by the Heads Up Kids team. Our main programme focuses on Key Stage 2. The programme is a group experience whereby children learn and share through games, drama, art and discussion. Read more

Mental Health Champions - Foundation programme

A CPD UK accredited course for all staff working in Jewish primary schools. This qualification will give our staff the mental health and wellbeing education and tools needed to be able to support children and their families and promote positive mental health in school.


Creating Safety in Uncertain Times
PaJeS, together with Heads Up Kids, invited school wellbeing coordinators, SENCos, SLTs and teachers to a 60 minute update session.


Early Career Teachers' Wellbeing
This ZOOM workshop gave Early Career Teachers an opportunity to reflect on the emotional consequences of the immense changes encountered in these last few months and how they can manage them. 

The Wellbeing Travelling Library
Audio-visual, carefully selected, stories based around a message of positive wellbeing


Weekly Wellbeing Sessions
The Community Wellbeing Project team have developed weekly wellbeing sessions