Secondary Schools


Understanding Girls: managing anxiety, friendships and striving for perfection
23 May 2022


Dr Tara Porter gave this session aimed at parents of girls from Year 5 to Year 13. Click to watch the recording

BBC Bitesize Mindset: GCSE support 2022

As we embark on the exam season, we are acutely aware of the stresses on our students. BBC bitesize Mindset GCSE campaign has just launched and there are many useful films for young people that you may want to signpost to spanning revision techniques, getting organised, exam technique and self care. There is also a section on the parents toolkit to help parents support their children through this time.

The War in Ukraine: A talk addressing our children's anxiety and fear

Parents and teachers joined Dr Anna Colton, Clinical Psychologist, who provided useful tools and answered questions on how to manage children's anxiety and fear over the current situation in Ukraine. Watch the recording

Social Media: The impact on the future of our children
25 January 2022


Over 400 families joined us for this important, informative evening discussing the impact of social media on young people and society today. Watch the recording here

Welcome to Year 7!: October 2021

This three-week course on Zoom was for parents of students who started secondary school in September 2021. The course provided an understanding of the adolescent brain and provided practical tools to manage the early years of secondary school in order to make the transition smoother for you and your children.


Talking Tricky Topics: 8th June 2021


Mental Health Awareness Week: 10-16 May 2021


Return to School

A selection of assembly ideas and class-based activities to support your school community as it comes back together.

Not All About Food

In response to requests for further parental mental health and wellbeing education, PaJeS hosted this talk to learn and understand more about healthy and unhealthy eating patterns, spotting signs, support and signposting.

Coping with suicide and sudden traumatic death
A guide for Jewish schools from Jami


Staying positive during lockdown
Powerpoint presentation for assembly

WHO - International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December 2020
3 December 2020 was Disability Awareness Day and an opportunity to share a positive uplifting story.

What is Gratitude?
Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, says that gratitude has two key components to an affirmation of goodness Read more

Suggested assembly presentations
Download these Powerpoint presentations to use for assemblies:

Bullying - what is it and how can we stop it?
Living with uncertainty
Supporting your child in Year 11
Wellbeing in Year 12...why it matters!
Creating a daily routine
What is in your control

Resilience, Change and Gearing up for the Holidays 
PaJeS hosted a secondary school parents workshop with Harriet Beveridge

Early Career Teachers' Wellbeing 
This ZOOM workshop gave Early Career Teachers an opportunity to reflect on the emotional consequences of the immense changes encountered in these last few months and how they can manage them.