New Beginnings

September 2020

This week students have been hearing a lot about new beginnings. A new school year has started, and Rosh Hashana is just a couple of days away, but I wonder, what else is new, especially in this strange and often confusing time that we find ourselves in?

If you’ve just joined secondary school, then so much is new for you. New building, new people, new subjects, new routines and the beginnings of your new found independence. In Year 12 you will be getting used to a new and different type of routine and for everyone else, its new classes, new classrooms, new ways round the school and a whole new world of Covid style education.

I wonder what new things you took from lockdown? Did you develop any new hobbies or new interests?  And how are you going to make sure those new things and these new beginnings stick around?

I came across something called the Magic of new beginnings that I thought I would share with you as a potential answer to this. It uses the word magic to show us how to keep those new beginnings feeling just that.

M – is for making time. Quite simply, if we don’t we will never get to enjoy them.

A – is for again. Things that we may have tried before and failed at or didn’t do quite to our own standards, the new beginning gives us a fresh start to try again.

G – is for Golden Opportunities. Ask what if, why, and why not questions. Seek to learn more about things. Don’t let expectations constrain you. Walk on the wild side. 

I – is for introspection – reflect often on what you are doing, whether it is setting on you on the right path and adjust it accordingly! New beginnings are a perfect time to do this.

And C is for childlike wonder. Find the joy and fun in the simple things as a small child would. Look at everything with fresh eyes and let that wonder, creativity and happiness grow.

Wishing you all a Shana tova.

Nicki Cohen
JFS Wellbeing Practitioner