Noam Primary School

Headteacher: Chaya Posen
8-10 Forty Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 8JW
Phone: 020 8908 9491
Age group: 3-11

Noam Primary School is an independent school seeking to move into the state sector shortly. It was established in 1999  with 5 children and has grown to 170 children. The school is located in Wembley shul and aims to develop its own premises in Burnt Oak by 2019.

Noam provides the orthodox Jewish community in north west London with access to a high-quality education that meets the National Curriculum as well as an excellent religious education in accordance with orthodox Jewish law and practice. The school endeavours to achieve this by ensuring that its students receive a broad and balanced curriculum and strive for excellent academic achievement in a warm and caring environment.

Additionally, Noam seeks to support the spiritual development of the children by imbuing each child with a love of orthodox Jewish practice and Torah values. The development of positive personality traits is integral to our ethos. Regular prayers, learning of the Torah and a focus on Middos (positive character traits) are the core of our Jewish Studies curriculum.

Noam aims to provide children with a superior Kodesh education without compromising on National Curriculum subjects. The school offers the children a broad and balanced curriculum and weaves the core British Values into its teaching. Both the Kodesh and Chol (National Curriculum teaching) support children in becoming ready for life in Modern Britain. Noam aims for its children to be proud of their own identity as Jewish children and encourage them to be respectful and tolerant of those around them.

The parent body is comprised of a range of religious, professional people who are deeply invested in their children’s Kodesh and Chol education and provide examples of how to contribute to life in Modern Britain whilst maintaining our age-old traditions and beliefs.