Noam Primary

To Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Cutler, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Brodie:

Thank you so much for providing the wonderful lessons even over Zoom. 

Shemayah, Year 6 

To Mrs Green, Mrs Kay and Miss Ezekiel:

My lovely teachers, Thank you very much for your hard work to teach us all that you know best.
I love to learn with you and can’t wait to come back to school!!
I appreciate all that you do!!

Yaakov Hashpai, Year 1

To Mr Coleman, Mrs Chody and Miss Scheiner:

Thank you very much for all the hard work and I appreciate your help!
I love to learn with you

Eliana Hashpai, Reception

To Miss Scheiner, Morah Achinoam, Morah Freidy, Morah Esther:

Thank you for being the best teachers! I love playing with you and learning with you! You are all so kind and I love coming to Nursery every day!

Sammy Binstock, Nursery

To Mrs Posen:

Thank you for making the impossible lovely.

Doniel and Sara, Year 1

To Mrs Green:

Thank you for sending your smiles and your care straight into our kitchen every day! 

Sara, Year 1

To the incredible Teachers of Year 3:

Thank you for everything you are doing and for going above and beyond!! Your classes are engaging and educational and the kids are thriving because of you!!! You guys are unbelievable!!! Thank you 

Anonymous, Year 3

To Mrs Aremband:

Thank you for being the best teacher we could hope for.

Doniel, Year 4

To Mrs Sanders and Mrs Gubbay:

Thank you so much for teaching Yr 3 with so much enthusiasm! Your lessons are always interesting and engaging. 

Yaakov, Year 3

To all of our Teachers and Mrs Posen and Mrs Chody:

Thank you so much for all the amazing lessons that you have given us over lockdown, we miss coming to school so much but seeing you every day makes it that much easier for us! Thank you for calling us to see how we are, sending us prizes, and providing all the after school fun activities! Noam is the best :) 

Rikki and Dani Morris, Year 6

To Mrs Stewart, Mrs Brodie, Rabbi Cohen and Miss Feld:

Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons. I love that I’m busy and engaged all day (so do my parents!)

Ella Nassim, Year 6

To Mrs Stewart and Rabbi Cohen:

Thank you so much for teaching me every day. I always look forward to my lessons.

Eli Green, Year 6

To Mrs Aremband and Rabbi Klein:

Thank you for all your hard work and for teaching me every day!
I love the packs we get every week, so we'll be ready for a new zoom week.
Hopefully we'll see you in person soon.

Yael Green, Year 4

To Mr Coleman, Mrs Chody and Miss Scheiner:

What an incredible job you are doing in such hard times. Thanks for the brilliant Hebrew lessons with such sweet anecdotes to help the children remember the letters, the lovely parsha crafts and powerpoints given with such enthusiasm and the wonderful adventures of Paddington which we are gripped on. If this wasn’t enough printed packs,treats and extra curricular activities. What an unbelievable school! Thanks 

Ahron Landsberg, Reception

To all the wonderful teachers:

Thank you so much for the hard work you have put into teaching our children. These times are tough for everyone and you are a shining example of how we can all work hard and pull through together. Thank you for always giving your best with a smile. May you go from strength to strength!

Family Coten, Year 1

To all the amazing Noam teachers:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Thank you for all our amazing lessons and after school activities you have sorted out for us! We have really enjoyed all the lessons and activities! We love noam!!!💚💚💚

Miri, Doniel and Dassi, Year 5

To Mrs Aremband, Rabbi Klein and Ms Birns:

With much appreciation for all you are doing for our children... From zooms to packs to recordings to phone calls! We are very blessed with so much dedication from you all.

Family Vincent, Year 4

To Year 4 staff:

Rabbi Klein, Mrs Aremband & Mrs Birns, have all been so patient and professional during this lockdown. Thank you for all your hard work! Many thanks.

Anonymous, Year 4

To all the staff:

Thank you to all the incredible staff at Noam primary school for all you are doing for our children over lockdown. The love and care you are all giving is incredible and we are all so appreciative. Thank you! 


To all the teachers:

Thank you for all being so incredible .
I know this is not easy for you but you all doing a great job well done 

Naftoli Rose, Year 3

To Mrs Posen, Mrs Chody and all the staff:

Noam is a shining beacon for exemplary teaching, organisation and management of education and care for the wellbeing for each and every child. In spite of the extremely difficult circumstances that we are all going through, they have just got on with it, with a smile and a determination to do a good job. So grateful for the amazing leadership and amazing teachers. I would give each and every one of you a knighthood if I could!!!

Joanna Rees, Year 6

To Mrs Stuart and Mrs Brody:

To the the very best super women team . The vigour and passion that you put into looking after our children is out of this world . We thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️

From Avigail and Danielle Benardout, Year 6

To Noam Primary:

Huge thanks for everything. I have learnt so much on zoom!

From Eliyahu, Year 4