Nancy Reuben Primary School

To Morah Liz and Deborah and Galit and Rabbi Conway:

Thank you so much for all your hard work in teaching our children with enthusiasm and devotion, especially during these difficult times.
Joshua continues to enjoy his lessons and that is very much due to all your efforts.
Thank you!

Joshua, Year 6

To Rabbi Conway, Morah Liz and Morah Galit:

I have been so impressed by the patience, creativity, adaptability, understanding and warmth that these teachers and all the staff at NRPS have demonstrated during these difficult times. We are truly lucky to have such outstanding teachers like you, who go the extra mile! Thank you so very much.

Shifra Shaerf, Year 6 

To all Staff:

We just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to all the teachers at Nancy Reuben for the fantastic efforts that they have all been putting in to make lockdown 3 as good a home schooling experience as possible. The school was very forward thinking in getting all the parents used to Google Classrooms from September, which has made home schooling far smoother this time around. The Zoom sessions for the kids are more like actual lessons, which is beneficial for the kids and provides them with much more time with their teachers than was previously possible. Whilst we all hope that the kids will be back at school as soon as possible, in the meantime, they are receiving as good an education as they can in the circumstances, which is no mean feat so thank you all! Claire and Jeremy Carr (parents to Ari, Zac and Sofia)

Claire and Jeremy, Year 5

To the Pre-Nursery Aunties:

Thank you all so much for your dedication, warmth and love for Yedidya and all the children in this difficult time. Your efforts are much appreciated. 

Raaya and Shealtiel, Nursery

To Aunty Seema and Aunty Tehilla:

Thank you so much for all your efforts you put into making the children feel so safe and loved especially during such challenging times.
From Joel and Natalie Braham 

Avi Braham, Nursery

To Aunty Tammy, Yarona, Rivka and Gabriella:

Thank you for welcoming me into nursery this year.

I wake up every morning excited to see what new fun activities the teachers have planned for us.

I love every minute of it and am grateful for all the kindness :) 

Lianna Obadia, Nursery

To all Pre-Nursery Staff:

Dan totally and utterly loves the pre-nursery and adores all the staff! - they are beyond wonderful- thank you!

Dan/Carla, Nursery

To Morah Anna and Morah Bilha:

Thank you so much for teaching the children at school and remotely during these challenging times and trying to engage them. You have both done a fantastic job and are incredible teachers. Solomon is so lucky to have you both. 

Solomon Levicki, Reception

To Mr Sunshine and Mrs Rubens:

You both are unbelievable teachers who show such care and support for each and every child in your class. Its clear how much you always go above and beyond to ensure the children are given creative lessons, are engaged & happy. Thank you to an amazing team! 

Jake, Year 5

To Morah Bell, Morah Zisi and the Year 3 Team:

Thank you for being such wonderful teachers and ensuring on-line learning goes so smoothly. You both have such patience with the children and ensure they are always engaged and happy - Thank you! 

Ella, Year 3

To Morah Avra and Morah Elisheva:

Thank you both so much for being incredible teachers during these challenging times. Keeping the children engaged is not easy especially when you need to balance those at school and those at home but you both have managed to do a phenomenal job. Noah is so lucky to have you as his teachers.

Noah Levicki, Year 2

To Morah Tziporra and Morah Yael:

Thank you for being incredible teachers during these challenging times engaging those at school and those at home. Making sure the children don’t fall behind, caring enough to communicate with parents and let them know to make sure they child finishes their work even though their hands are full enough. Danny is incredibly lucky to have you as his teachers this year. 

Danny Levicki, Year 4

To Mr Wolfson, Rabbi Conway, Daniella Grossman:

Thank you all for your incredibly hard work during these challenging times. Making sure the whole school is run efficiently even with staff shortages on short notice. Making sure the learning is engaging for our children so they don’t fall so behind. The work that has been done is phenomenal.

Levicki Family, Year 4

To Morah Anna:

Thank you Morah Anna for everything you teach me, for always listening to me and have a smile on your face every day.

Nathan, Reception

To Morah Bilha:

Thank you for always listening and spreading love all around. Your kindnest makes the best coming out of me.

Nathan, Reception

To Aunty Yarona, Aunty Tamy and Aunty Rivka:

You are the best nursery teachers! Eva misses you so much during the lockdown.

Eva, Nursery

To Tammy and Yarona:

I want to thank you for the love and care put have put into my children year after year.

Aiden loves nursery and speaks about both of you regularly. Chloe learnt to write and read with the both of you ... I will never forget and am eternally grateful for all the hard work you put into our children!! 

Natalie Feigin, Nursery

To Rabbi Conway:

Thanks for becoming our kodesh teacher for the week.

Mollie, Reception

To Morah Anna, Morah Bilha and Morah Sue:

Thanks for all the fabulous zooms! They’re lots of fun.....miss you all love Mollie xx

Mollie, Reception

To all Year 4 teachers:

Thank you for being the best teachers and working so hard for us! We are so grateful! 

Rafael/Gemma, Year 4

To all NRPS teachers:

I am totally amazed by our teachers. The on line learning works beautifully, they understand the challenge and make learning as interactive and interesting as can be, always with a smile and good words. So the kids are staying focused and motivated, studying a lot and having fun along the way. It demands extra creativity and extra work from the staff to be willing to invest in such difficult times. We truly feel we have partners in school keeping the well-being of our child.
Thank you very much!

Uriah, Year 5

To Morah Liz:

Thank you for all your hard work with year 6! You have been really helpful throughout this challenging time and the kids continue to be engaged and excited about their learning, thanks to your commitment and hard work. Thank you for this and for everything you do!

Katherine Brownstein, Year 6

To Morah Anna

Thank you for all the fantastic work you have been doing during such challenging times. From Joel and Natalie Braham

Eli, Reception

To Morah Bilah:

Thank you for helping me learn. I love your lessons.
Love Eli Braham

Eli, Reception

To Morah Tzipora:

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher for year 4, always going above and beyond to make sure the kids are engaged and happy. We particularly love your weekly updates! Thank you for everything that you do

Katherin Brownstein, Year 4

To Morah Madeline:

Thank you so much for your hard work for year 1. You have been so helpful with all our questions and requests. In particular it's been so useful to have all the work in a folder available for the kids in advance. You are a wonderful teacher and the kids are lucky to have you

Katherine Brownstein, Year 1

To M Anna, M Bilha and all NRPS team:

Thank you so much for all your efforts this term, creating and printing such great studying materials and engaging lessons. Even though these are very challenging times, I was able to progress with my learning in both chol and kodesh lessons. Missing you and all my friends and can’t wait to return to school! Love Mia

Mia, Reception