Nursery Admission Dates 2021-2022

With a view to giving schools enough time to process their nursery applications, and to give families initial offers before Pesach the following timetable has been agreed:



Monday, 8th February/ Tuesday 9th  February

Schools post first round of acceptances OR

Schools email first round of acceptances

Also, schools issue waiting/rejection lists as appropriate

Wednesday 24th February

Parents must accept/reject first round offer

Tuesday 9th March

Wednesday 10th March

Schools post second round of acceptances OR

Schools email second round of acceptances

Thursday 25th  March

Parents must accept/reject second round offer

These dates have been co-ordinated with the following schools and nurseries:

Beis Chinuch Girls Primary School; Beis Yaakov Primary School; Beit Shvidler Primary School; Gan Menachem; Hasmonean Primary School; Independent Jewish Day School; Menorah Foundation Primary School; Menorah Primary School; Noam Primary School; North West London Jewish Day School; Peninim Girls Primary School; Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomo; Tashbar Boys Primary; Torah Temimah Primary School; Torah Vodaas Primary School;  Lubavitch Kindergarten.